And this is why it’s essential for us at Cloud Bound to familiarize you with our past. Cloud Bound is the fourth successive startup from the lineage of startups. The initial three being INDG, Medify, and Medify media. Our sister concerns are already serving an esteemed clientele around the world.

But then why Cloud Bound? When Cloud Bound was just in its conception stage, we would discuss the unavailability of seamlessness in the cloud solution platform. More often than not, we would arrive at a conclusion pertaining to a flaw in the entire flow of cloud-based delivery. We identified this problem and explored the idea to truly unify our cloud based solution.

What we do

We provide a tried and tested implementation process, along with solutions that are tailor-made to cater to your firm’s needs. All those uncertainties regarding the cloud environment? With us, those uncertainties vanish and you’ll achieve the clarity you need to migrate to the cloud, effortlessly. We arm you with the confidence to scale up your business with a reliable cloud solution.

Cloudbound can be your business doctor, identifying your ailments, providing the most effective remedy, and watching out for your overall business health. Our team of dreamers, innovators, and doers uses its creative brainpower to understand your business from your perspective and provide a solution from ours.

Although the Mondays are traditionally dreaded, the Cloudbound family faces a new challenge with fervor, on all workdays. No, we weren’t bribed to say this, we really love what we do. Our technical expertise and yearning for collaboration results in making every client a happy one.

When to call us

Real business growth is difficult to achieve with a one-man or one-woman army. A little delegation here and there (to experts, of course) will keep your plate lighter, leaving more room for the vital business aspects.

Cloudbound is your go-to partner when:

  • You want to build a flawless product
  • You want to migrate to the cloud
  • You want to have meaningful customer relationship


With key operations in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and a clientele from across the globe, you get to partner with the best in cloud, while we get to partner with brilliant business minds!

René Louis

Peter Kro

Pranesh Gopalakrishnan